Ramps of Grace

Several members of our church are active member for the Ramps of Grace ministry.

Ramps of Grace is a nonprofit, Christian ministry whose mission is to build handicap access ramps for people who cannot afford them.  All funding and labor for the ministry is donated.  The ramps are built in sections and are designed to meet guidelines from the Americans with Disabilities Act. Modules are built in a workshop, and are transported and assembled at the recipients’ home.  Costs vary between $30 and $40 per foot.

Most ramp referrals come from the Department of Aging, Department of Child Services and local churches.  Once received, volunteers visit the home and assess whether a ramp can be built at the site.  If feasible, volunteers construct the ramp at no cost to the recipient.  Some recipients, however, choose to contribute to the project.

In 2016, Ramps of Grace built 9 new ramps, recycled one old ramp, and repaired an outside staircase. Most of the ramps benefited older individuals, families, or care givers in order for them to have a better quality of life.

Ramps of Grace 2016 Newsletter

If you are interested in helping the Ramps of Grace Ministry, please contact Tom Teitt.

Ramps of Grace Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/RampsOfGrace/

2017 Update:

Ramps of Grace rebuilt the steps leading the Richard and Arlene Maganotti’s front porch.  Our church supported the project by funding the purchase of all the materials.

Maganotti 1 (1)

Here are some recent projects:


Carmichaels 2016                                                     Houston 2016

carmichaels-2015-ramps-of-grace         houston-2016-ramps-of-grace

Washington 2016                                                     Triadelphia 2016

unnamed          unnamed-1


Bentleyville 2015                                                       Monogahela 2015

bentleyville-2015-ramps-of-grace          monogahela-2015-ramps-of-grace