What We Do

Communion & Baptism

Communion is held on the second Sunday of each month if possible.

Baptism, for both children and adults, is provided upon request and with the approval of the Church session.

Fellowship Activities

Annual Church Picnic

Monthly Coffee Hour

Easter Sunrise Breakfast

Congregational Luncheons

A variety of concerts, plays, and special presentations

Spiritual Growth Opportunities

Sunday School – 10:00 a.m.

From September to June, there are weekly adult and child Sunday School class. The adult class discusses the scripture readings for the day, their similarities and differences, how they link to the sermon, and the overarching message to be learned. The child class follows a set curriculum designed for multiple ages. The worship bulletins and the church’s Facebook site will provide information about the current Sunday School schedule.

Good Friday Cross Walk – Local residents carry a cross to seven locations, celebrating the Lord’s last seven words.

Counseling – The pastor welcomes any opportunities to serve you.

Bible Study – Offered as interests are present.


Music plays a major role in the life of C.U.P.C. Our church has two choirs –  the Chancel Choir and the Heavenly Metal Bell Choir, both under the direction of Mrs. Karen Reitnauer. The two choirs provide a variety of anthems and special offerings throughout the year. Special holiday programs are offered as well, often in cooperation with other local churches. They invite you to join them for rehearsal on Wednesday evenings: Heavenly Metal Bell Choir meets at 6:30 p.m. and the Chancel Choir meets at 7:30 p.m.


C.U.P.C. is pleased to provide a church setting for weddings. Information concerning availability and conditions are available through the church office. Pastoral counseling is considered an integral part of matrimonial planning.